Academy of Continuing Education


Application Process and Admission

Registration Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to a Continuing Education program, prospective students must submit the following to the ACE administration office:

Tuition and Payment Policies

Students may pay the full tuition fee in cash at the time of enrollment, or opt to pay in two installments. Students may pay 50% of the first installment, and the remaining balance after signing a promissory note provided by the Business Office.

Applicants must obtain a statement of fees from the ACE office which they must give to the Business Office along with their payment.

Note: LAU staff are eligible for a 20% discount.


Refunds will be granted according to the following schedule


In order to be eligible for a course certificate, students are required to maintain regular classroom attendance and complete all program requirements.

All ACE programs culminate in a graduation ceremony where certificates of participation are distributed. ACE certificates testify to the number of contact-hours per program and adopt an honor system of achievement.