Academy of Continuing Education



Registration Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to a Continuing Education program, prospective students must submit the following to the ACE Administration Office:

Campus and Resource Facilities

ACE students have access to a number of resources to facilitate their learning experience and help them to realize their career goals. These include:

Campus Email

Upon enrollment, ACE students will receive a campus email account which will allow them to easily communicate with ACE faculty, staff, fellow students, and other members of the LAU community. Email accounts will remain active as long as ACE students are registered in the program.

LAU Library

The Riyad Nasser Library on the LAU Beirut Campus has over 224,000 informational records, 960 current periodical subscriptions, and four special collections. The library also has computers, group study areas, and an audiovisual room, all of which are available to aid students in their overall learning experience. ACE students will have access to the library facilities, as well as research assistance resources.

Find out more about the Riyad Nassar Library.

ACE Faculty

Students will have access to ACE faculty during their office hours in order to discuss any issues related to coursework, assignments, and individual progress. All ACE faculty will be available for advising students as indicated in the course syllabus.

Professional Advising

ACE students will have access to professional advising services for certification and post-secondary programs. This includes career guidance and counseling on certain professional programs.

In order to make education accessible and affordable to all, ACE is pleased to offer the below discount rules:

Discount Schemes

ACE Discount Rules

Only one rule can be applied - No two rules can be combined together.