Academy of Continuing Education

Engineering and Design

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Diploma


FF&E is a specialized field dealing with the design of movable or loose Furniture, Fixtures, or other accessorized Equipment. These elements have no necessary, permanent connection to a building’s structure. The designer devises a plan, whereby loose components, such as tables, beds, couches, cabinets, chandeliers, fabrics, and artworks, among others, are arranged seamlessly in a given space.


The FF&E Diploma entails eight courses, which are the following: (1) FFE Studio I, (2) FFE Studio II, (3) Furniture: Structure & Material, (4) History of Design, (5) Textiles & Design, (6) Studies in Interior Lighting Design, (7) Internship & Final Project Coordination, and (8) Practicum.


By the end of this Course, participants will be able to: