Academy of Continuing Education

Fashion and Arts

Fundamentals of Drawing Workshop


Fundamentals of Drawing is an introductory workshop to the art of drawing and its concepts through various processes and techniques. This workshop offers an introduction to the methods of observation, representation and expression. Students are initiated to the elements of line, shape, form, value, light and space, which contribute to structure the student’s visual understanding and essential techniques.


This workshop entails the following:

(1) Basic compositions / Geometric Shapes / Linear Drawing, (2) Plaster Objects / Linear Drawing, (3) Space and Perspective / Linear Drawing, (4) Still Life / Linear Drawing, (5) Introduction to Rendering / Light and Shading, (6) Still Life / Tonal Drawing / Rendering light / Surface, (7) Natural Forms, and (8) Organic Form or Portraits.


By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: