Academy of Continuing Education

Fashion and Arts

The Philosophy of Art and Mysticism in Arabic Calligraphy


This course will provide an overview of the concept of Arabic calligraphy on one hand and the concept of philosophy of art and mysticism on the other, as well as the relationship between the two. Participants will learn about the origin and evolution of Arabic calligraphy throughout time, its numerous types, and its importance, along with its relationship with the philosophy of art and mysticism, and the latter’s definition. Foundation and current state of the market as well as terms and concepts used in the field.


The program encompasses the following aspects:
  1. Arabic calligraphy’s history, types, and philosophy
  2. The concept of mysticism, tracing its origins and history
  3. The relationship between mysticism and Arabic calligraphy
  4. The significance and importance of Arabic calligraphy as an art form
  5. Hands-on practice through guided lessons of writing Arabic calligraphy