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Pharmaceutical Marketing


The course “Pharmaceutical Marketing” consists of dynamic sessions designed for individuals who wish to take a deeper dive and gain better understanding of the principles and dynamics that govern the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry. During this course, participants will acquire the necessary skills and capacity to properly analyze the marketing environment in which pharmaceutical organizations operate, understand the forces which influence the industry landscape and learn how to develop strategic marketing plans which allow corporations to gain a competitive edge and establish foundation of sustainable growth.

This course is the first in the “Pharmaceutical Marketing” series of courses that LEAG S.A.R.L. provides.


The “Pharmaceutical Marketing” course comprises various key areas: starting with an introduction to the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare system, to understanding the marketing environment then moving to segmentation, targeting and positioning processes and strategies which are critical to success. The course will also cover consumer behavior, market research techniques and strategies to effectively manage product portfolios. Finally, it will take a look at the ethical considerations within the pharma market and discuss new approaches to pharmaceutical marketing especially within the background of the digital transformation of the industry


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the unique challenges and opportunities in pharmaceutical marketing.
  • Analyze market trends, customer behaviors, and competitor landscapes in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Develop effective marketing strategies tailored to pharmaceutical products and services.
  • Explore regulatory requirements and ethical considerations in pharmaceutical marketing.
  • Evaluate the impact of digital technologies and social media on pharmaceutical marketing campaigns.
  • Apply strategic marketing frameworks to real-world pharmaceutical marketing scenarios.
  • Elevate the chance to establish connections with mentors, industry professionals, and individuals who share similar interests, thereby facilitating future collaborations.