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Certified Manager


The course will help you enhance your management and leadership skills and increase your professional accreditation for career progression. The Certified Manager (CM) presents quality standards of management practice and provide tools and principles that you can take advantage of immediately. The CM professional credential will allow others to recognize your managerial competency and leadership potential worldwide.


Certified Manager Certification contains 3 modules which entail the following:

  1. Management Essentials 
  2. Planning and Organizing 
  3. Leading and Controlling


Upon the completion of the 3 modules of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Equip the Managers with the right tools and methodologies to perform their roles at the highest efficiency level to boost the companies’ competitiveness on the market
  • Verify an individual’s ability to manage and potential to lead with the required level of competency
  • Distinguish candidates for hiring and career advancement