Academy of Continuing Education

Soft Skills and Leadership

Competent Leader for a successful team Associate Diploma


This program is designed to sharpen your leadership abilities. You will gain knowledge about the most important key shifts you need to build, inspire, develop, and retain high-performer teams including yourself to drive innovation and organizational success.

It will help you to achieve your dream. It helps you to adapt and behave positively, so you can deal effectively with your professional and life daily challenges.


This program consists of 6 modules focused on powerful yet simple steps that you will practically experience to play a more strategic role in business success. 


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

• Recognize your leadership qualities

• Adapt suitable leadership styles that will reveal the potential of your team and get the best of them

• Create a learning environment to drive innovation and encourage people to work together in open, independent networks

• Persuade and influence simply a variety of challenging personalities to accomplish your objectives

• Maximize your productivity and keep yourself focused to achieve your goals

• Make an effective decision

• Contribute to employer branding to attract the right talent