Academy of Continuing Education

Veterinary Pharmacy


In order to prepare pharmacists to counseling animal owners and safely dispense medications, instruction on veterinary disease states and the human or veterinary prescription medications used to treat these conditions is warranted. A veterinary pharmacology knowledge base can support pharmacists who desire to expand their practice to include animal patients.


The Veterinary Pharmacy Course entails five modules, which are the following:

  1. Introduction to Veterinary Pharmacy, Regulatory Topics, and Veterinary Informatics
  2. Diabetes Mellitus, Anti-infective Use, and Thyroid Diseases in Veterinary Patients
  3. Congestive Heart Failure, Epilepsy, Urinary Incontinence, and Separation Anxiety in Veterinary Patients
  4. Osteoarthritis, Otitis Externa, and Adrenal Diseases in Veterinary Patients
  5. Heartworm Preventatives and Flea/Tick in Veterinary Patients 


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